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published: 01 March 2022

This statement was last updated on March 01 2022.

Temus ("us", "we", or "our") understand that your privacy is important to you and we are committed to being transparent about the technologies we use. This Cookie Policy ("Cookie Policy") explains how and why cookies ("Cookies") may be stored on and accessed from your device when you use or visit any of our websites or apps (collectively, our "Sites"). Please read this Cookie Policy carefully before using our Site. This Cookie Policy should be read together with our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.

By clicking "Accept" on the Cookie Banner, you give us your consent to store and access Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies as described in this Cookie Policy.

This Cookie Policy should be read in conjugation with our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use.

What are Cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of data that a website asks your browser to store on your computer or mobile device. The cookie allows the website to "remember" your actions or preferences over time.

Cookies are very useful and enable an internet site to recognize you, log when you visit a particular page, provide a secure connection to a website and enhance your user experience by improving your browsing comfort, and/ or adapting the content of a page to your areas of interest.

Most Internet browsers support cookies; however, users can set their browsers to decline certain types of cookies or specific cookies. Further, users can delete cookies at any time.

Why do we use Cookies?

We may use information collected from our Cookies to identify user behavior and to serve content and offers based on your profile and enhance the convenience of the users of our Site.

What type of cookies do we use?

We have provided details of the types of cookies that are used on our Site as well as other relevant and useful information on the cookies.

Type of Cookies Description
Session Cookies Session cookies are temporary cookies that are used to remember you during the course of your visit to the website, and they expire when you close the web browser.
Persistent Cookies Persistent cookies are used to remember your preferences within the website and remain on your desktop or mobile device even after you close your browser or restart your computer. We use these cookies to analyse user behavior to establish visit patterns so that we can improve our website functionality for you and others who visit our website(s). These cookies also allow us to serve you with targeted advertising and measure the effectiveness of our site functionality and advertising.

Categories of cookies:

Cookie Category Description
Strictly Necessary Cookies These cookies are fundamental to website functionality and cannot be switched off without blocking features on the site. They are usually set in response to your actions on the site, such as filling in forms, setting preferences, or logging in.
Performance Cookies These cookies allow us to gather analytics to improve the performance and functionality of our site. These analytics can include measurements on the popularity of a page, common patterns of how people browse around the site, and how frequently a certain feature is used. We usually aggregate the data for review but in some cases, we may collect content information you have viewed to understand what interests you most.
Customization cookies These cookies help us to understand how effective our marketing campaigns are and enhance your online experiences with Temus with customization.
Advertising cookies Temus may present ads to you on sites that are not owned or operated by Temus to promote Temus services, articles, or events. The cookies are used to make advertising messages more relevant to you and your interests. They also perform functions like preventing the same ad from continuously re-appearing. These advertisements are solely intended to make you aware of relevant Temus promotions. Temus does not sell your data to any third parties. Please see our privacy policy for more details.

If you do not want Cookies to be placed on your device, we suggest you set your preferences regarding Cookies. By clicking "Cookie Preferences" on the bottom of each webpage, you can select the types of Cookies our Site uses. You can change your preferences at any time; you can also withdraw the consent you have previously given to us.

If you wish to remove previously-stored Cookies, you can manually delete the Cookies at any time. However, this will not prevent our Site from placing further Cookies on your device unless and until you adjust your "Cookie Preferences" choice as described above. By using our website without deleting or rejecting some or all cookies, you agree that we can place those cookies that you have not deleted or rejected on your device.

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