published: 09 March 2023

KC Yeoh KC Yeoh
Chief Executive Officer,

Song Hwee, Chairman, Temus and Deputy CEO, Temasek International, Kiren, Deputy CE, IMDA and team, Graduands, friends, colleagues Ladies and gentlemen -


Good afternoon,

Welcome to the much awaited graduation ceremony of Temus’ inaugural Step IT Up cohort. I would like to express our appreciation to Song Hwee for gracing the event and the IMDA for making the time to join us today.


Let me begin by warmly congratulating all our 21 graduands. These four months have been an intense experience for you; but I am happy that each of you have shown sheer grit and determination in making the transition to become digital technologists – for the benefit of yourselves, Temus, and the exciting transformation journeys of our customers.

You have displayed tenacity in overcoming obstacles, values of teamwork, and shown a good command of interdisciplinary skillsets that are going to help you advance your digital career.

You are our pioneer cohort of SIU trainees. We have learnt from you as well in terms of how to structure this programme. I recall vividly some of you complaining that your instructor had refused to share model answers for your weekly assignments. He wanted to teach you that there are many different ways to programme. But I understood the Singaporean preference for “10-year series” and asked him to make an exception for the first few assignments. We do intend to continue this practice for future batches.

I’m delighted to see many of your loved ones and friends with you here today to celebrate your achievements. We know and appreciate the positive impact that they have had on your learning journey. To them, I’d like to say thank you for supporting our SIU graduands over these past four months as they went through this challenging programme! Let’s give them all a well-deserved round of applause.

Beyond commemorating your achievements, this occasion is also meaningful as it renews Temus’ broader commitment to empower, transform, and uplift those of our subsequent SIU cohorts – the future builders of our digital enterprises and economy.


Your success is a testament to Step IT Up’s value in helping to unlock career opportunities for fresh graduates and mid-career professionals alike, regardless of their stage and background in life.

Step IT Up matters because the future of Singapore and indeed, the world, is undoubtedly digital. Most jobs, present and future, will require some degree of digital literacy, which is transferable and valuable across different roles and industries. But more importantly, a digital economy needs a growing pool of coders, software developers, and technologists like yourselves. These are the builders of our new digital economy that Temus aims to develop through Step IT Up.

Since our founding close to two years ago, Temus has aspired to be an essential driving force for this change. As we expand the local digital talent pool and build digital capabilities for our customers and partners, we will grow in tandem with Singapore’s Smart Nation aspirations.

Our first cohort of Step IT Up trainees graduating today, affirms our belief that with learning agility, motivation, and resolve, people have the potential to successfully transition to become members of our future digital workforce.


SIU graduates, your commitment to staying agile, driven, and determined has led to your success today. I saw firsthand yesterday your excellent Capstone presentations, the result of much hard work and teamwork. I am well aware of the late nights and weekends that you have all put into this programme. I even heard two of you stayed overnight at the office! I am confident that the skills you have acquired during your time with us will help you stay relevant at Temus and futureproof your careers.

Building on the momentum of our inaugural cohort of trainees, we look forward to welcoming our next cohort of Step IT Up trainees in April in partnership with IMDA as well as our customers.

Let me conclude by sharing a quote from one of my favorite fiction book series, Harry Potter. I hope that some of you have at least heard of these books! Quoting Professor Dumbledore, as he was the Headmaster of Hogwarts School, just like how all of you have just went through the school of Temus to become digital technologists that will create magic; Professor Dumbledore said this to Harry Potter, “It is our choices that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities”. It is your choices, Step IT Up graduands, that show what you truly are, far more than your abilities.

Thank you for choosing the path less travelled, despite knowing that it will be difficult. Thank you for showing the way so that other Step IT Up trainees may follow in your footsteps. I’d like to congratulate you again. On behalf of my colleagues, I would like to warmly welcome you to the Temus family, and I wish you every success.

Thank you, everyone.

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