Welcome Address by KC Yeoh, Chief Executive Officer, Temus, at the Step IT Up Singapore Townhall

published: 06 November 2023

KC Yeoh KC Yeoh
Chief Executive Officer,

Good morning, Mr Tan Kiat How, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Communications and Information, [IMDA representative - TBA], GovTech CE Goh Wei Boon, our partners and clients in attendance, Temus Transformers, and Step IT Up hopefuls.

We are here today for the third run of Step IT Up, and we celebrate a programme that has, with the support of important partners including MCI, IMDA, and Govtech, provided individuals from diverse backgrounds with opportunities for transformation and career advancement. This initiative has been instrumental in guiding people with no prior tech training or backgrounds towards careers in software and digital application development. Following an intensive three month programme, 38 individuals have successfully secured full-time roles in the digital sector. We call them Temus Transformers and they are seated here with us today. 

We hope you will enjoy meeting these individuals later, to understand their stories and how Step IT Up continues to be an important aspect of our journey at Temus, one that highlights our commitment to talent transformation and capability building. You will hear from a couple of our Transformers on stage later. 

This is part of our bid to develop a strong Singapore core through Temus that is focused on digital transformation for both public and private sectors. We’ve grown a lot over these 2 and a half years since our founding in April 2021. 

We’ve more than doubled our staff strength over the past year by investing in the right capabilities 

First, with our acquisition of Dreamcloud in October last year, and then with our latest acquisition of Decision Science Agency. Our shared values in talent development, similar cultures and complementary capabilities brought us together. 

Second, we’re proud of how far Step IT Up has taken us. We now have 38 associate developers in our Tech Modernisation Centre of Excellence and Low-Code development practice.  Recently, our low-code team was charged with managing the app and web launch of the latest iPhone 15 for one of our Telco clients. The feedback from our client on the newly deployed Transformers in the team, with their gumption and sense of unity in delivering on the project, has been very encouraging. 

Third, we continue to do our level best in employing the right talent across our centres of excellence, as we embark on some of the most exciting transformation initiatives with our clients. On the horizon, we are looking to developing our expertise across the region, as we also set our sights on other locations where our clients are based, such as Hong Kong. 

We hope to broaden the scope and reach of Step IT Up Singapore. In our third run, we want to hire, place, and train 20 digital business analysts (Digital BAs) in partnership with GovTech. These individuals, often overlooked in traditional hiring processes, will undergo a transformational journey through our programme and eventually contribute as digital builders in our economy.  We would welcome the opportunity to work with more like-minded partners such as GovTech, who are willing to ‘walk the talk’, and invest to grow a pipeline of tech talent for the future. 

I look forward to speaking more with you later, if you might have questions about this program, and explore how we might collaborate to jointly scale up this meaningful career conversion initiative, both as firms or as individuals who want to step it up and be the change you want to see, for Singapore and beyond.

Thank you.

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