FAQs: Temus & Dreamcloud

published: 08 September 2022

We are delighted to welcome the Dreamcloud team to Temus, as we embark on building and transforming the digital future together. More information on the announcement is now available on our press release.

Who is Dreamcloud?

Dreamcloud is a Singapore-based low-code solutions provider offering app development and professional services to public and private sector across a broad and diverse range of industries.

Dreamcloud became an OutSystems partner in 2014, the first in Southeast Asia and Singapore’s largest independent partner, earning 6 OutSystems Expert certifications. OutSystems enjoys a wide adoption in Singapore. The leading low-code platform has global reach, with more than 350 partners and over 2,000 customers in 87 countries in more 22 countries.

Dreamcloud was founded in 2011 and is led by Daniel Lim and Wong Seok Ling. The company has a team of 58 professionals in Singapore and Vietnam today and is a leading low-code provider in Singapore to large enterprises. Over 30 organisations, from the private and public sectors partner with Dreamcloud for low-code, high speed solutions.

Who is Temus?

Temus was established by Temasek in partnership with UST, to catalyse digital transformation for the private and public sectors.

Our approach is powered by a deep understanding of people, processes, and value centricity, unlocking economic and societal value, and accelerating the present into the future.

The Temus blueprint starts with the articulation of the vision, to the delivery and ultimate realization of the value, with speed, agility, and simplicity, leveraging digital. Our foundation remains anchored to a strong Singapore Core, as we aspire to multiply local digital talent, and grow in tandem with Singapore’s Smart Nation vision.

We are headquartered in Singapore and have ~200 staff strength where majority are based in Singapore across a wide range of disciplines of strategy, design, architecture, technology, data & AI.

How will Temus and Dreamcloud customers benefit from this combination? 

Dreamcloud’s low-code, high speed app development capabilities synergise with Temus’ strategy to build a strong app development practice that covers both high and low complexity (code) apps for a wide range of applications.

Together, Temus and Dreamcloud will play an even greater role in driving holistic digital transformation, enabling both private enterprises and public sector organisations in Singapore and beyond to unlock greater economic and social value for their stakeholders.

How will Dreamcloud customers and partners be contracting with Temus?

Following the completion of the acquisition, Dreamcloud has been fully integrated within Temus as ‘a Temus entity’ –– driving forward a continued focus on its customers, partners, and community with the full power of Temus behind them.

How will Dreamcloud support Temus’ strategy and solutions roadmap?

Organisations of every size and industry are transforming how they do business in the digital age –– speed, agility, and simplicity are at the heart of those transformations.

Dreamcloud’s integration will accelerate the growth of Temus’ strong app development practice for both high and low complexity (code) apps, while catalysing our expansion into multi-platform offerings over the next few years for our customers and partners.

Dreamcloud employees have joined the Temus team. Dreamcloud's founding members Daniel Lim and Wong Seok Ling have joined Temus as Managing Director and Director respectively. They will focus on expanding low-code offerings under our Technology Modernisation Centre of Excellence.

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